Is the leading company producing Bathroom Furniture in the Spanish market. It places great emphasis on innovation and quality, but our stand-out differential value is FREEDOM.

Every customer can choose and personalise their product depending on their tastes and needs. KYRYA allows you to choose and facilitate bespoke manufacturing to make exclusive furniture, with over half a million different combinations, satisfying every customers desire.

The main advantage of any customised item is that it is totally adaptable. Customised fittings are unique pieces which fit perfectly into a given space and give it personality and make it one of a kind. 

KYRYA offers innumerable possibilities combining its range of structures, handles/notches, furniture design and its wide variety of finishes.

Durian® represents the personality, elegance and creativity of materials which make any type of design a possibility.

The primary component is a mineral (Alumina Trihydrate) which is mixed with a low percentage of resins so our product can be mould-injected to achieve the shapes required.

It presents in neutral white, its natural colour, and is pleasing to the touch – similar to the compact mineral. It is very durable, highly resistant to impacts and allows for the creation of spaces without visible seams. It is homogeneous and solid throughout.

Natural stone countertops, we manufacture unique countertops which blend technology and craft to form a highly resistant finish. This allows for the creation of continuous surfaces, expertly designed without joins, using high quality, solid materials which retain their finish over time.

PIUSTONE allows for a crafted finish, 100% tailor-made, making each design exclusive. This is a result of care and attention to the finest details, as well as a composition which prioritizes the quality of its materials.

En CHIC & BATH fabricamos un modelo de mobiliario de baño práctico y muy acogedor. Se trata de un diseño estándar, pero personalizable en sus acabados, posibilitando más de doce combinaciones entre ellos.

Tenemos una visión racionalista del diseño y trabajamos nuestros materiales bajo conceptos como la practicidad y comodidad, dando cabida a entornos que aúnan el gusto por la sencillez y lo minimalista.

Cada pieza parte de un enfoque utilitario, logrando destacar la belleza de lo simple en una perfecta y equilibrada combinación de racionalismo y diseño, con el objetivo de ofrecer soluciones a las necesidades cotidianas de cada persona.